Car AC and Heater Repair Stone Mountain

Car AC and Heater Repair

Car Heating and AC REpair
Car Heating and AC Repair
We don’t often think about our car’s heating and cooling, until the day it doesn’t work for us. Summer heat can be brutal without functioning AC, and the winter months can be absolutely miserable when you don’t have heat. Don’t settle for having heating or air conditioning that aren’t doing there job. Instead, allow Dignity Star Tire located in Stone Mountain, GA to diagnose and repair your problem. Whether a simple part replacement or a bigger car AC repair, we want to get you back to not thinking about air conditioning or heating.

When doing a car heater repair Stone Mountain experts will consider the following AC/Heating components:
– The radiator, or radiator caps, hoses, fan and or clutch
– Anti-Freeze
– Water pump
– Belts, whether fan belt or serpentine belt
– Thermostat
– Cooling sensor
– Heater core
– Heater hoses

Car heater repair stone mountain means you are getting a thorough diagnostic to access only the necessary car ac repair. You can expect the following services:
– Our team of professionals will visually inspect your AC/ Heater components
– If the problem is not immediately seen, they will run performance checks such as:
– A test to determine the state of charge
– A system control check
– A test to determine if, and where, a leak exists

Certain vehicles produced prior to 1993 utilize a refrigerant for cooling that can be very expensive to replace. If this is true for your vehicle, we will inspect your car and current AC system to determine if a conversion can be performed. Converting to an updated refrigerant will allow your car to function better, for less money.

If replacement or repair are needed, trust that your car is in competent hands. We want you to be comfortable in your car, and have the experience needed to ensure that you are. Dignity Star Tire will get you back on the road quickly, and won’t break the bank in the process.

Should you have any questions concerning AC or heater repair or would like a quote our friendly staff would be more than happy to assist. Feel free to call us, or stop by at any time.